TurboTax: Number 1 Tax Selling Software

If you dread tax season and are tired of filling in the forms summarizing the finances of the whole year, then worry not. TurboTax allows you to file your tax returns accurately and get the maximum refund. Since it offers a wide range of versions, you can choose the one that suits you the most. With TurboTax, you can get the fastest tax refunds, tax filing tips at your fingertips, reimbursements, and much more.

According to Moody’s report, it handles up to 30% of electronic filings. This data shows its reliability and accuracy for tax filing.

Make Your Taxes Easy With TurboTax

Taxes can pose severe challenges to taxpayers making tax preparation a headache. Why not rely on tax software that allows you to handle your taxes with as little fuss as possible. If you want to file your taxes yourself, then the TurboTax Free edition is your right choice. It works best for standard deductions, child credit and earned income tax credit. Moreover, if your simple tax return includes the W-2 income, small dividends, and interest, you can qualify for the TurboTax Free Edition.

How Does It Work?

If you are using Tax software for the first time, its friendly and conversational tone is a breeze. Even its free version offers all the features that a tax filer wants. This version is better suited for simple tax returns only. This version allows you to file your taxes online without breaking your bank. In three simple steps, you are done with your taxes:

  • Import your W-2 by taking a snap of your W-2.
  • Give answers to some simple questions related to your life, family, and job.
  • Receive your maximum refunds.

Why Use it?

  • Free federal filing
  • Free state filing
  • Best for W-2 income
  • It guarantees a maximum refund
  • Free yet personalized tax preparation software
  • Easy to use

Hands-off your Files to an Expert Using TurboTax Live– A Gamechanger for Taxes

Taxes are never fun to do, but you can do your taxes easily without putting in much effort. TurboTax Live is the way to go for taxes and handles your taxes by connecting you with an expert via video chat.

How Does it Work?

  1. TurboTax Live will ask you simple questions about your life. Then, it will automatically fill in tax forms and auto-import your documents, including the W-2 form.
  2. Use the “Live Help” button to seek the help of an expert. The expert will guide you through live chat or video call, whatever, you prefer. Moreover, after you have done your taxes, you can even get advice from experts.
  3. It makes sure that the experts review all your documents and return them so that you get the maximum return.
  4. In case of an IRS penalty, TurboTax Live offers you a penalty plus interest.

Further, it offers four services including;

  • TurboTax Live Basic Full Service
  • TurboTax Live Deluxe Full Service
  • TurboTax Live Premier Full Service.
  • TurboTax Live Self-Employed Full Service

All these services are backed by a guarantee. It offers 100% accurate procedure and guaranteed satisfaction. You will get a maximum refund guarantee, 100% accurate calculations, and expert-approved returns.

Enjoy your Self-Employed Journey With TurboTax Self-Employed

The benefits of being self-employed outweigh the challenges when it comes to filing taxes. Having fluctuating cash flow, looming tax deadlines, and handling tax forms in a tight schedule are some of the few challenges self-employed people encounter. Fortunately, TurboTax self-employed is here to guide you.

It is designed for those who operate without corporate status.

How Does it Work?

You don’t need any technical background to use this software. It is pretty easy to navigate with a clean interface. It works perfectly to find deductions based on your work situation. It helps you maximize deductions across different workplaces.

In 3 simple terms, you are done with your taxes.

  1. It requires your 1099-NEC. So take a picture of 1099-NEC and then upload it.
  2. TurboTax self-employed import data into the right forms accurately.
  3. It guarantees your maximum return.

Features of TurboTax Self-Employed

It offers a bunch of exciting features that make tax filing or preparation easy for self-employed individuals. The worth mentioning features are:

  • Unlimited employee tax forms
  • Education tax credits
  • Asset depreciation
  • Automatic importing of W-2s
  • Mileage tracking for rideshare drivers
  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android devices
  • Homeowner deductions
  • Donation deductions
  • Mobile app

If you are a freelancer, small business owner, consultant, or any other self-employed person, it’s time to file your tax returns using TurboTax Self-Employed. So, grab it right away to avail yourself of all the features that it offers!

Tax Software Built For Your Needs

Whether you want to do your home taxes, or feeling trouble in handling your businesses taxes, TurboTax has got you covered. It has something for everyone. Since this versatile software is equipped with different features, it caters to the needs of everyone.

What it offers for:

  • Investors and Rental property owners

TurboTax automatically imports your investment information from different financial institutions. This way, it saves your time and effort. Not only this but also it helps investors and rental property owners by reporting sales of stock, funds, and accurate calculations of capital gains/losses.

Moreover, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to set up new rentals while considering fair market values. With its employee stock plan support it makes sure that your shares purchased benefit you in the best way.

  • Individual and Families

Many homeowners are not well-versed with the deductions for property taxes, mortgage interests, and much more. TurboTax helps you in the right deductions after reviewing more than 350 tax deductions so that you can maximize your refunds. What’s more, if you want to make big changes in your life that impact your taxes, it will handle them for your convenience.

Enjoy the Most of your Simple Edition, Deluxe, and Premier Service

Taxes are never fun to do, but you can make your taxes easy using tax software. From simple edition to deluxe and premier service, TurboTax aims to maximize deductions and returns at worth-spending rates. Take a peek at each TurboTax service bundle:

Free Edition: It is designed for simple returns and is available at 0$.

Deluxe: Besides including all tax things present in the simple edition, it includes mortgage interests. It allows you to claim student deductions and credits. It is available for $59 only.

Premier: For rentals and investors, this version is a suitable option. You can auto-import your data from various financial sites. Grab this version for $79 only.

Self-Employed: This version costs you $119 and besides covering the credits and deductions it offers you a free subscription to QuickBooks.

If you want to upgrade to TurboTax Live, you need to pay an extra fee. The premier price for federal returns lies between $79 and $199. Whereas, if you want to opt for TurboTax Live full service, it will cost you between $199 and $389.

Keeps Your Information Safe and Secure

TurboTax adheres to security. It ensures that your information remains secure with data encryption. When you set up your account on TurboTax, it provides you with full security with multi-factor authentication to keep your information safe. Millions of users are using this software without worrying about security. You can count on this tax software because of its reliability and security.

Why Choose TurboTax Products

You will surely love TurboTax for the extra perks that it offers. A few of them are:

Mobile version

Do you want to work on your taxes on your handset? Yes! TurboTax mobile version is your thing. Its mobile and web version works great for mobile users but not for desktop users.

Step-by-step guidance

TurboTax walks you through the tax filing process. No matter what your field is, you will receive proper guidance for all the tax forms.

Exceptional support

While tax filing if you have any queries or need any assistance, TurboTax is here for you. Its support resources resolve all your queries related to taxes.

Tax return storage

What if you get your finished tax returns stored in your account? TurboTax provides you the option to store them in your account for a period of up to 7 years.

Import and upload tax forms easily

If you are facing any difficulty importing and uploading tax forms, use TurboTax to perform this task easily. It will import all tax forms. You just need to upload supported forms and your previous tax returns.

Receive your refunds in various ways

With TurboTax it is possible to receive your federal refund in one of three ways: by direct deposit, check, or prepaid debit card.

100% accuracy

TurboTax’s experts ensure that all calculations are done correctly. If there is a mistake, TurboTax pays IRS penalties with some terms and conditions.

Live support

It is pretty easy to upgrade to TurboTax Live support. Just pay a bit of extra amount, and you are ready to avail of the expert’s help for tax filing.

Ward off your tax worries and let TurboTax handle all your tax affairs accurately and effectively.